Obomberflag.jpeg Obeme.png
Motto: Bombe De le peede
Anthem: Desde Bems
CapitalBlede le lucha
Largest city Bem City
Official languages Obombeniese, English, Ancient Thiaa language
Recognised national languages Obombeniese
Recognised regional languages Thiaa Language
Ethnic groups Obemen
Demonym Obomban
Government Dictatorship
 -  Dictator Obomber MIV
 -  General Obember MIV
 -  General Obumber MIV
 -  General Obamber MIV
Legislature Dictatorship Discussion Group
 -  Upper house Generals
 -  Lower house Commanders
Establishment August 5, 1902
 -  Total 92,320 km2
35,645 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 2
 -  1995 census 9 million (6)
GDP (PPP) 1995 estimate
 -  Total $2.3994 billion (8)
 -  Per capita 12,932 (6)
Currency McCain (MCN)
Time zone (UTC−5 to −8)
1. All of this information was smuggled during the great escape in 1995. No further updated information is expected to be found out because the Obombian have secured the information out of reach.
2. The national animal is the Romney. It roams around woods in the Obomber National park <Citation needed>

Obomber is a country located on the Eastern coast of Lethiea. The government is a strict dictatorship that allows no wandering off the original orders of the dictator, also known to the people of Obomber as the deity. Although most information about this country is unknown, some terrorist attacks were known to have been ordered by the deities of Obomber. The Central International Board Center of Lethiea has since organized the nation into the "Dangerous" category.

Most fiction books depict Obomber as a peaceful country overflowing with cattle and fields. This is most likely incorrect; people who claim to have been past Obomber citizens claim that the land was "A land of Missle Launchers". <Citation Needed>