Shin Alexander Imai
Shin imai.png
Shin Imai in a dark summer night
Nicknames Waxford
Nationality American
Born December 16, 1998
Owner of K and J alliance From Feburary 22, 2013
To Current

Shin Alexander Imai, most commonly known as Shin Imai, was one of the earliest members of the Murdoch Class Delgate. He is also the owner and founder of the club K and J Alliance.

Throughout his career in the Murdoch Class Delegate, he was a likely nominee of the senator position, but ultimately failed when The Great Collapse of MCD occured. After several people departed for different clubs, he stayed in MCD until he moved to the K and J alliance.

Currently, he lives in Urbana Illinois with his parents, and possesses high power over the K and J alliance. 

Birth and Childhood

Shin Alexander Imai was born on December 16, 1998 in Englewood Hospital and Medical Center of New Jersey. His parents Makiko and Brian Imai described him as "shy" and "hesitant". 

At the age of 2, he moved to Tenafly, New Jersey. During this point of time, he often reported seeing faces in the ceiling calling out his name. The faces, whom had thick black lips and crushed-in faces  were what triggered Imai's fear of ghosts.

At age 6, Shin Imai moved to Mahomet Illinois where he recieved much of his elementary education. Along the way during fourth grade, he meets long friend Riley Knight whom will become one of Imai's successors in K and J Alliance.

After graduating from Lincoln Trail Elementary School, he went to Mahomet Seymour Junior High where he first met Tom Murdoch. It was in 8th grade when Imai and a couple other pupils had noticed the style of Tom Murdoch's teaching. After much planning, Jimmy Young created the group Murdoch Class Delegate to celebrate Tom Murdoch's classes.

Murdoch Class Delegate Member

After Jimmy Young had created the Murdoch Class Delegate (MCD), several other people joined in right after, Imai being one of those. When the population of the group had grown over 20 members, the government of MCD had its first election for President. 

As a youthful nominee, Imai ended up having 2 votes. The newly elected President, Andrew Walmer calmly took orders and swiftly converted the group into a Democratic-Republican government based club. After the firm government had been established, Imai proposed the Leader rights of The Murdoch Class Delegate. The bill set limits on the powers of a President and listed qualifications in becoming one. Shortly after the proposal, the bill was passed. Following this, as the population grew steadily in number, new positions were getting planned out. Among those were senate, house of representatives, and vice president.

Using his currently building reputation, Imai attempted to run for Senate but was interrupted by the Great Collapse of the MCD.

Collapse or MCD and department

The first signs of a falling government showed when a bundle of kids were revealed to be people from Elboya, Canada. They were supposedly joining a wrong club on accident. 

Afterwards, a shock spread throughout the whole group and several people left. When the remaining population hovered around 10, all future elections were canceled. In order to revive the nation, forums were created stating vital information and hints for homework in class. However, the forum was rarely updated, and eventually was abandoned.

After the final lights of hope had been covered, Imai unofficially departed the club.  

K and J Alliance

After departing MCD, Imai had no place to go except his former club, the K and J Alliance (Originally called K&J Alliance). After much reconstruction, he and Riley Knight returned to the club and invited many people in by the wait'n click method. Now holding over 10 members, the K and J alliance is full of Pokemon fans. Their discussions mostly center around "Fatchu", a legendary pokemon who is supposedly distantly related to the famous "Pikachu" Pokemon. 


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